We were joined on the Popternative show by Michelle Krusiec to discuss her short horror film Nian which is part of Bite Size Halloween on Hulu blending genres like horror, comedy, sci-fi and thriller. Twenty new shorts from exciting emerging filmmakers premiered on October 1st. 

The goal of 20th Digital Studio’s short film programs is to continue to guide and finance the growth of these artists’ careers and to transition some of the shorts into longer features. The first two films developed in this way will premiere this month on Hulu: Grimcutty from John William Ross on October 10th, and Matriarch from Ben Steiner on October 21st.

Shot in seven different countries, this season takes on topical issues such as racism, gender, parenthood, sexuality, and identity. The synopsis of Nian reads: “A Chinese American girl faces her racist bully with the help of the Nian, a mythological creature said to eat bad children.”

In our interview, Michelle talks about writing and directing the short film for Bite Size Halloween, as well as her other projects she’s been part of including the 2015 horror film The Invitation and portraying Anna May Wong in Netflix’s 2020 mini series Hollywood.

Watch the interview with Michelle Krusiec below.

Check out Nian on Hulu or on Hulu’s YouTube channel.

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