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We caught up with Markian Tarasiuk who stars in the new E! original film Why Can’t My Life be a Rom-Com? which premiered on Sunday, February 19 on the E! Network. The rom-com centers on Eliza Sloane (Em Haine) who follows her “best friend Sofia to the Hamptons and decides to change her approach to romance. They’re going to follow the rules of dating from a 50-year-old self-help book. The book seemingly works and Eliza finds herself in the center of a love triangle.” Markian plays Rich Hawthorne, a doctor Eliza meets at the Hamptons is part of the love triangle.

We asked Markian about his acting experiences, what he hopes viewers get when they watch this light hearted film, and more. Check out our conversation below.

What is your favorite thing about being a storyteller?

Markian Tarasiuk (MT): I love being a storyteller because it feels like I connect with people as my job. Stories are connection. If I can make someone happy, make them laugh, or have an emotional response to my work, that means that the audience and I shared a moment together. That’s a really special thing to get to do. Also, I get to work with a lot of incredible, diverse people along the way.

What was it like working on Why Can’t My Life be a Rom-Com?

MT: It was like being on vacation. We were lucky enough to be staying at the same hotel that we filmed in. So being able to wake up late, walk downstairs, and then film all day on the beautiful BC coast was incredible. It also helped that my cast mates were the best people. We all got along and got quite close on this movie and have kept in touch. I would describe this shoot as being at summer camp – a rare thing to feel while at work!

Markian Tarasiuk. Photo by: Grady Mitchell

When people watch the film, what are you hoping they get out of it?

MT: Nostalgic joy. Coming out of the pandemic, I’ve been really attracted to lighthearted, fun movies and television. This project is the perfect blend for millennials to enjoy because it takes a lot of inspiration from the John Hughes era of movies while keeping it modern and fast-paced. Watch it with a glass of wine and go for the ride!

Outside of acting, do you have any other interests or passions?

MT: I love snowboarding, tennis, and golf! But artistically, I also do film editing which started as a hobby and now I do it professionally. I still see it as a side passion of mine and get very selective of the types of projects I edit but I am very passionate about it. There’s something so satisfying about cutting a movie together and being involved with the post-production side of things. 

What has been the best advice someone has given you about acting?

MT: Don’t be precious or polished about it. Be open to direction and be able to throw out everything you prepared. If I approach every project with a beginner’s mind, I find the work much more enjoyable and the finished product ends up being more exciting. This was a really hard concept for me as a type-A when I started acting. So I try to remind myself of this mantra every audition or job I get.

Can you tell us about other upcoming projects you are working on?

MT: I’ve got an episode of Family Law (The CW) coming out later this year, and I have a brief role in the show The Night Agent (Netflix). Other things are in the works! 


Why Can’t My Life be a Rom-Com? is avaibale on E!, NBC, Spectrum TV, USA Network, Bravo, SYFY, Telemundo, and OXYGEN.

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