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We recently spoke with former US Olympic Hopeful, actor, and model Kelsey Caesar about his new horror film B**** A** which was released on digital and on demand on October 14th. The movie has an all-Black cast and recently took home the Midnighter’s Audience Award following its premiere at SXSW Festival this year.

Check out our conversation below.

When did you decide you wanted to be a storyteller?

Kelsey Caesar (KC): I always enjoyed the world of escapism. For me, it was when I was really young. My family and I were big fans of Michael Jackson. I used to be in awe when he would perform and I love how he told stories through his music. The Thriller video was the first of its kind although it came out way before I was born, I was old enough to realize what I watching. I knew immediately that I wanted to be in show business. 

What can you tell us about B**** A**?

KC: B**** A** featured an all-Black cast and cinema’s first Black masked serial killer. A 1999 gang initiation goes wrong when a group of four recruits break into a house of horror, as they are all forced to play deadly games for their lives. Win and you live – lose and you die.

What’s it like working in the horror genre when it’s arguably the biggest it’s ever been?

KC: It’s for sure the biggest it’s ever been in while. It was a fun experience. I always wanted to work in this genre because it’s so unique that a lot of it is fictional. So, you’re really playing pretend and everything is heightened because it’s do or die in context of the movie. The experience nonetheless is very on your toes.

What is the best thing about being a storyteller? 

KC: What I love about story telling is the characters! I love diving into the character’s life and telling their story who’s completely different from my own. Another great aspect to that is finding similarities as well. You eventually understand that you’re not so different than the people you are playing sometimes, which creates this great human experience.


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