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We chatted with Jacky Lai about her leading role in the reboot of the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger action film Eraser. The new film titled Eraser: Reborn follows US Marshal Mason Pollard, a specialist in engineering the fake deaths of witnesses that need to leave no trace of their existence. Jacky plays Rina Kimura, a crime boss’ wife who’s decided to turn state’s evidence. As the two flee to Cape Town, South Africa, with a team of merciless assassins on their trail, Pollard discovers he’s been set up. Double-crossed and fuelled by adrenaline, he needs to be at the top of his game, or he’ll be the one who’s erased.

We asked Jacky about her role in the movie, being part of a reboot of a classic film, and on being a storyteller. Check out our conversation below.

When did you decide that storytelling and acting was something you wanted to do?

Jacky Lai (JL): When I learned that acting meant I needed to be comfortable with emotions and vulnerability, which felt like such a challenge to me. It made me want to understand myself and the world more and it gave purpose to my experiences in life. 

What advice would you give to people pursuing acting?

JL: Practice empathy and listening. Watch the news, can you feel what others are feeling? Imagine what that’d be like to be in their shoes? And when having a conversation, be present and really listen because acting is reacting, and every character needs your empathy and understanding. 

What can you tell us about Eraser: Reborn and your character?

JL: Eraser Reborn is an action packed film based on the 1996 Schwarzennager movie about a US Marshall who erases high risk witnesses in order to protect them. I play Rina Kimura, a crime boss’ wife who is looking to break free from her controlled and exploited life. In her attempt to escape, she finds herself in witness protection and erased by Mason Pollard. The two quickly learn that working together is their only way out to survive and bring justice. 

What was it like working on a reboot of a classic film?

JL: It’s really cool to have an idea of what kind of movie you were making but there was pressure for sure because we were following behind the footsteps of giants – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vanessa Williams, and the original was such a hit.

What was your first acting role?

JL: My first acting role was in Silent Hill 3D. I played the role of “bitchy girl” which I think they’ve changed now on IMDb to be more family-friendly, haha. 

What do you enjoy the most about acting?

JL: Working with everyone on set. I love being a part of a team and collaborating with everyone with one end goal in mind. 


Eraser: Reborn is now a vailable on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD.

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