Summer is approaching, and that of course means we’re gearing up for Shark Week. To get things started, a new thriller, Shark Bait, has just been released in theaters and on demand starring Holly Earl, Jack Trueman, Catherine Hannay, Malachi Pullar-Latchman and Thomas Flynn. Shark Bait was filmed in Malta and offers some beautiful shots while still remaining a bloody shark thriller.

Shark Bait. Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment.

Directed by James Nunn, a group of spring breakers are enjoying the trip of a lifetime on the sandy beaches of Mexico. As the sun rises after a night of partying, they steal 2 jet skis and race out to sea. But bravado and bad decisions lead to a terrifying accident. Stranded miles from shore, the true horror begins when the group realizes they’ve drifted into shark-infested waters. With no way back and one friend badly bleeding, the group must quickly figure out how to survive the predator lurking in the waters below. 

We were joined on the Popternative show by Holly Earl who stars in the film as Nat. We discuss filming various scenes in the water: “We would literally be in the ocean isolated. So in those moments you kind of feel the fear, you’re like actually there might be some stuff in this ocean,” she explains.

She also tells us about what drew her to the script: “As an actor it’s fun to do all the stunts and react to the sharks […] but delving into the human psyche is my jam, it’s what I love, I love dissecting people and why they do things,” alluding to some of the drama between the characters in the film.

Watch our full interview with Holly Earl below.

Shark Bait is currently playing in theaters and is available on demand.

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