Garrett Hedlund joined us back on the Popternative show to discuss starring in the mystery thriller The Tutor coming to theaters on March 24. Directed by Jordan Ross (True Life), the film also stars Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things), Victoria Justice (A Perfect Pairing), and Jonny Weston (We Are Your Friends).

The Tutor Synopsis
An in-demand tutor for the East Coast monied elite, Ethan (Garrett Hedlund) lands a high-paying assignment to instruct a billionaire’s son, Jackson (Noah Schnapp), at a remote New York waterfront estate. Almost immediately, Ethan realizes that his student’s interest in his life borders upon obsession. As tension grows, Jackson’s accusations threaten to expose Ethan’s perceived dark secrets to his girlfriend (Victoria Justice) and the authorities. As sentiment turns against Ethan, it is up to him, and only him, to unearth Jackson’s accusations and prove his innocence.

(L-R) Noah Schnapp as Jackson and Garrett Hedlund as Ethan in The Tutor. Photo by: Vertical Entertainment

In our interview, Garrett explains that he’s always loved the mystery/thriller genre: “I’ve been inspired by films like Primal Fear, Mystic River, and these ones that keep you at the edge of your seat but there was a commitment to the dramatic performance that really amazed you, and that’s what I wanted to bring to this.”

He also discusses working with Noah Schnapp and Victoria Justice on set: “Noah is a wonderful actor. Victoria is a wonderful actress. A lot of our scenes were so improvisationally filled at the end of the day, and Jordan Ross our director was so wonderful to keep a lot of those improvised scenes in there, it really gave it a refreshing energy and levity.”

Watch the full interview with Garrett Hedlund below.

The Tutor will be released in theaters on March 24.

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