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We had the pleasure of chatting with director and writer Thomas Hardiman on the Popternative show about his debut film, Medusa Deluxe via A24. The one-shot murdery mystery film stars Anita-Joy Uwajeh (Vampire Academy, Lucky Man), Clare Perksins (The Outlaws, EastEnders), Darrell D’Silva (Domina, Van Der Valk), Debris Stevenson (Present Tense), Harriet Webb (Wreck, Sandylands), Heider Ali (You Don’t Know Me), Kae Alexander (The Wheel of Time, Collateral), Kayla Meikle (Soundproof, The Girl Before), Lilit Lesser (Domina, Passing Through), Luke Pasqualino (Shadow and Bone, The Musketeers), and Nicholas Karimi (The Witcher, You Don’t Know Me).

Talented, ambitious, and backstabbing hairstylists gather for a competition in England, only to find one of their own murdered before judging can begin. Winding through neon-lit halls and backstage dressing rooms, competitors unspool long-simmering resentments and secrets as they search for the killer among them, in this devilishly funny whodunit from debut filmmaker Thomas Hardiman.

In our interview, Thomas discusses the genre-bending components of the film and diving into the thriller and mystery elements. He also talks about the process of directing a dialogue-heavy film.

Watch the conversation below.

Medusa Deluxe is available on VOD.

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