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Apple TV+’s Emmy winning comedy series Ted Lasso is back with its third season which premiered on Wednesday, March 15th with the first episode. Season 2, which premiered in July 2021, ended with Richmond making the Premier League, while Ted (Jason Sudeikis) struggles with his mental health while Nate (Nick Mohammed) betrays the team and joins forces with Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) ex Rupert (Anthony Head). Cristo Fernández, who plays the lovable and always energetic Dani Rojas, joined us back on the Popternative show to discuss the third season and Dani’s character arc throughout the seasons.

(L-R) Cristo Fernández, Kola Bokinni, Toheeb Jimoh, and Billy Harris in Ted Lasso episode 301. Photo by: Apple TV+

“It’s also very exciting to see it as it comes, it brings us back to the journey of actually shooting it. Because it’s not a show where you get all the scripts, we discover it as we go. And all of us, not just the actors, but the crew, we are finding it all out as we go,” Cristo explains about not only the world being able to see season 3, but for him and the cast and crew as well. He also tells us that every character this season will be showing us new aspects about themselves in some ways. We then discuss Dani’s character in particular and what Cristo has learned about playing him for three seasons now.

Watch the full interview wirh Cristo below.

A new episode of Ted Lasso season 3 drops on Wednesdays on Apple TV+.

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