We had the chance to chat with Charlie Moore about Love Off The Grid which is premiering January 30th, 2022 on Discovery+. From the producers of 90 Day Fiance, this new series follows couples as they test their love in the wild, with one partner who is accustomed to living with modern amenities and one who lives off the land. 

Official Couple Look: Jen Taylor and Charlie Moore

Jen, who is a beach girl through and through, has spent her whole life by the water and is obsessed with all things skincare. The only thing (or person) that could entice her to move away from luxury is Charlie Moore, a mountain man from North Carolina who is excited to bring Jen into his world…in the wild. After breaking up over 20 years ago, they are putting their relationship to the test and Jen is trying to figure out if she is finally ready to embrace Charlie’s unique lifestyle.

Here’s what Charlie had to say about the show and their overall experiences.

How did you officially get involved with Love Off The Grid?

Charlie Moore (CM): Jen and I were in the process of rekindling our relationship from 28 years ago. I received some emails from the community about a coyote problem we were having and asked if I could help, and in the same group email I was informed there was a casting call for a mountain man for TV. I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my lifestyle and I answered the casting call. While talking to producers, I soon learned that the show would have to involve Jen. After speaking with Jen and having a few calls with the network, we were in.  

What can you tell our viewers and readers about Love Off The Grid?

CM: Jen and I are both pushed out of our comfort zones – me welcoming someone into my off the grid lifestyle and Jen leaving behind modern conveniences. Viewers will see us working on our relationship while tackling everyday off the grid challenges. 

When people get to watch Love Off The Grid, what are you hoping they get out of it?

CM: I hope people learn that since Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet, and even A Streetcar Named Desire not a whole lot has changed in human nature. We all struggle with certain spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges that cause us to search for who we are and why we exist. No matter who you are or the way you decide to live your life, it’s always better if you can do it with someone you truly love.


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