We were joined on the Popternative show by Chandler Kinney who stars as Tabby Haworthe in the new HBO Max horror/slasher drama series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin which premiered on July 28. A spin-off of the popular Pretty Little Liars series which ran from 2010-2017, this new series brings us to a brand new town, Milwood, ”a brand-new town, with a new generation of Little Liars.” Chandler plays one of these new ‘liars’ alongside Bailee Madison (Good Witch), Zaria (Black-ish), Malia Pyles (Baskets) and Maia Reficco (Kally’s Mashup).

Photo by: HBO Max

In our interview, we also discuss Chandler’s role in the popular Zombies 3 musical which premiered on Disney+ on July 15. Chandler has obviously had quite the summer: “Zombies got pushed a little bit […] and so they wanted the extra time to make it the absolute best it could be, and there was so much going on with Pretty Little Liars [Original Sin], so everything just kept shifting and shifting until finally they gave me the dates and they were back to back. The red carpets were literally one week apart,” she tells us.

We also get into the unique aspect of the series where there is some familiarity but also brand new storylines: “It’s definitely a bit of a balancing beam. The original is absolutely incredible it was a pop culture phenomenon at the time […] I was right there with that fan base as well […] So now moving into our version of Pretty Little Liars Original Sin, we keep a very similar structure […] but our girls are not close friends, they don’t really know each other that well, but of course it’s that same structure of that anonymous identity […] but other than that it’s pretty different,” Chandler explains.

Watch the full interview below.

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin is now streaming on HBO Max.

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