We were joined on the Popternative show by Ashley Greene (Twilight franchise) who will be a guest star in the next nw episode of Wild Cards, airing Wednesday, February 14th on CBC Gem, followed by broadcast at 8pm (8:30 NT) on CBC TV. The crime-solving procedural series premiered January 10th and stars Vanessa Morgan (Riverdale) and Giacomo Gianniotti (Grey’s Anatomy).

The series follows demoted detective Ellis (Gianniotti) as he meets Max (Morgan) who has been living a transient life scamming everyone she meets. When Max gets arrested, she ends up helping Ellis solve a local crime and the two are offered the opportunity to redeem themselves, with Ellis going back to detective and Max staying out of jail. The two must work together using their unique skills to solve cases.

When asked about joining the series for her guest role episode, Ashley says, “There’s so many things to take into account and so many levels, which as an actor you love. Crime procedurals is comforting for people to watch, but being able to add this layer of freshness and to add in the unexpected to something that is so known and loved is something that is really fun to be a part of.”

(L-R): Ashley Greene as Wendy, Giacomo Gianniotti as Ellis, and Vanessa Morgan as Max in episode 106 of Wild Cards. Photo by: CBC/CBC Gem

In the next episode of Wild Cards, the lead actors of the most popular vampire series become the target of a dangerous stalker. Max releases her inner fangirl, begging Chief Li (Terry Chen) to assign them to the case so she can go behind-the-scenes of her all-time favourite show. While on set, Max and Ellis spend time with each of the four main cast looking for any clues as to who their stalker might be. With security ramped up, the attacks must be coming from someone already on set, which makes everyone on the crew a suspect including their producer Wendy, played by Ashley Greene.

Ashley also talks about the set of Wild Cards, working with the director, and the impact of the Twilight films. Watch the full interview with Ashley below.

A new episode of Wild Cards airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m on CBC and can be streamed on CBC Gem in Canada.

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