We chatted with rapper and YouTuber Arienne Hall (Ari Cari), who can currently be seen in season 2 of 12 Dates of Christmas which recently dropped on HBO Max. We asked her aboout her music, YouTube channel and her experience on 12 Dates of Christmas. Check it out below!

What can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Arienne Hall but my nickname is Arie, and my stage or social media name is Ari Cari. I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina but have recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a college graduate from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I’m 24, I’m a YouTuber, rapper, and web series producer. 

How did you get involved with 12 Dates Of Christmas

Honestly, it came out of the blue but I’m so grateful! I was just posting about my trash dating life on TikTok and some of my videos went viral and that’s how they found me. Don’t laugh, but when I got the DM about the show I thought it was fake! Lol look at me now, all from a random Instagram DM.

What was your experience like working on that show?

The experience was up and down; the downs are being sequestered in a hotel for an extended amount of time before going on screen, so you’re basically just by yourself all the time. It felt like quarantine but 10 times more intense because I didn’t have my friends or family around me. But the ups are that this is one of the most amazing and exciting things I’ve ever done in my life! I’ve made some AMAZING friends from this experience and will be close with them until the end of time! Forget friends, these people are my family now, and I’ll always have their backs.

Any funny story you can share about working on the show?

I have a couple funny stories from the show but I don’t want to mess up all the NDA’s we had to sign. But, what I can tell you is that Hina and I’s friendship was even better and more comical than what was shown on screen. Also, during the talent show they didn’t show my talent, but my “talent” was teaching a twerk class. Let’s just say everyone was ready to invoice me for physical therapy afterwards.

What do you like about being a rapper and social media influencer?

I love being a YouTuber because on YouTube, I am my most unfiltered. I speak my mind and share funny stories about things I’ve gone through, and I have a deep bond with my audience because it’s like we’re all growing and learning together. I’m currently uploading everyday on my YouTube channel for vlogmas. Being a rapper however is completely different. Rapping is where my confidence as a woman comes from. Rapping makes me feel powerful, sexy, witty, and smart. Rapping is how I tell my story, how I turn up, and how I’m vulnerable with the people around me. I just released my debut EP called Cari SZN streaming on all platforms. I called it Cari SZN because I genuinely believe it’s my time to tell my story, and not to toot my own horn, but one of my songs from the EP called “Just Say That” ft. Too Smoove is my highest selling song of my career. To anyone that comes across this article, your story is still being written and this is only the beginning. So don’t be discouraged. It’s your time.


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