Many horror fans got their first taste of the genre from the work of R.L. Stine. His popular Scholastic book series has been adapted on screen in many ways with the most recent being the Disney+ and Hulu series Goosebumps developed for television by Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller. The new Goosebumps follows a group of five high schoolers who unleash supernatural forces upon their town. Isa Briones stars as Margot Stokes, one of those teens.

The surge of horror has increased in recent years with an appetite for the genre being stronger than ever. Popternative host Petey Beats asked Isa what it’s like working in horror during this time. “Well, I think horror has always been a very interesting way to look at the human psyche, human condition, it’s all human stories and horror has always been a very interesting way to look into the psychology of people,” Isa said with Petey interjecting people are scary and she agreed.

“Yeah, people are scary and we use it truly, like we use dolls or puppets or monsters or whatever to examine it, but at the end of the day it’s people [who] are the scariest thing. I think what’s so cool about something like Goosebumps is it’s examining how far would you [would] go for something that you want so badly. Slappy has preyed on people who wanted something so badly, who wanted fame, success, or who wanted something and it breaks that down, how evil you could go. I think that is just a very relatable thing. It makes you examine yourself, like, would I go there? Would I make that decision if I wanted it?”

Watch the full interview with Isa Briones below.

Goosebumps is available to stream on Disney+ and Hulu.


Amber Dover is a multimedia journalist with over a decade writing about pop culture. Cat mom with a deep love of horror, you can follow Amber at @Glambergirlblog on Instagram and X.

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