Netflix today revealed first look photos from Heartstopper season 3 which is set to launch October 3rd. Season 3 will consist of 8 episodes, and the official synopsis reads: “Charlie would like to tell Nick that he loves him. Nick also has something important to say to Charlie. As the summer holiday ends and the months race on, the friends begin to realise that the school year will come with both its joys and its challenges. As they learn more about each other and their relationships, plan social events and parties and start thinking about university choices, everyone must learn to lean on those they love when life doesn’t go to plan.”

Series creator and writer Alice Oseman told Tudum what we can expect from the new season: “Season 2 ended with Nick beginning to understand the extent of Charlie’s mental health issues, and it’s this that will drive the story through Season 3. While Heartstopper will always celebrate the joyful and point towards hope, I’m really excited that we are allowing the tone of the show to mature alongside our beloved characters growing up. Mental health, sex, university ambitions, and more: Nick, Charlie, and the Heartstopper teens are getting older, learning more about themselves and each other, and experiencing new desires, new fears, and new joys as they approach adulthood.”

The key cast for Heartstopper season 3 are Kit Connor, Joe Locke, William Gao, Yasmin Finney, Corinna Brown, Kizzy Edgell, Tobie Donovan, Jenny Walser, Rhea Norwood, and Leila Khan.

Heartstopper Season 3

Oseman also teased that we can expect a more mature series when Heartstopper returns: “In Season 1, they feel like kids, but now they are definitely teens,” she told Tudum. “The actors are a lot older as well, so I think that just automatically ages up the show.


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