Specturm‘s latest series is the basketball drama Long Slow Exhale which premiered on April 4, 2022. The 12-episode series follows a successful head coach of a women’s college basketball team who finds herself in the middle of a potentially career shattering sexual abuse scandal. To get to the truth, she is forced to make decisions that will affect her, her family and the young female athletes that depend on her. Long Slow Exhale stars Rose Rollins, Josh Lucas, Ian Harding, Famke Janssen, Lyriq Bent, Shalini Bathina, Gabrielle Byndloss with Jazmine Stewart, Samantha Bartow, Isabella Star LaBlanc, Tony Gonzalez, Brittney Elena, Carmen Flood, Enajite Esegine and Erin Croom.

We recently spoke with several cast from the series on the Popternative show including Rose Rollins, Ian Harding, Lyriq Bent, Samantha Bartow, Isabella Star LaBlanc, Tony Gonzalez and Brittney Elena.

Episode 106 Image credit: Guy D’Alema/BET
Episode 106 Image credit: Guy D’Alema/Spectrum/BET
Episode 102. Image credit: Crystal Power/Spectrum/BET

Produced by Paramount Television Studios, Long Slow Exhale comes from executive producer, showrunner and creator Pam Veasey (L.A.’s Finest, CSI: NY), director and executive producer, Anton Cropper (L.A.’s Finest, Black-ish) and John Dove (L.A.’s Finest, Chicago P.D).  Bruna Papandrea (Big Little Lies, The Undoing) and Casey Haver (Tell Me Your Secrets) executive produces for Made Up Stories.

Episode 102. Image credit: Crystal Power/Spectrum/BET.

There are currently 6 episodes available via Spectrum, and 3 more episodes will drop April 18, and the remaining 3 on April 25.

Check out all of our interviews below with the cast of Long Slow Exhale.

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