Popternative had the chance to interview five cast members of the reimagining of Wrong Turn. Wrong Turn will easily go down as one of the most well-known and iconic horror movie franchises of all time. Although this film has the same title, this is a fantastic and incredibly different take on the cult classic.

Saban Films will release the horror film On Demand, Digital, Blu-ray and DVD on February 23, 2021.

Wrong Turn stars an amazing ensemble cast of Charlotte Vega (The Lodgers), Adain Bradley (Riverdale), Bill Sage (American Psycho), Emma Dumont (The Gifted), Dylan McTee (Rosewell, New Mexico) and Matthew Modine (Stranger Things). The film is directed by Mike P. Nelson (The Domestics) and written by Alan B. McElroy (Wrong Turn). We had the amazing opportunity to have virtual sit downs with Adain Bradley, Dylan McTee, Bill Sage, Adrian Favela and Vardaan Arora.

Adain Bradley

Adain Bradley who is also known for his roles in Riverdale and The Bold and The Beautiful, states that this was an exciting and new kind of project for him.

Bradley also states that as a fan, horror movies were difficult for him to watch growing up but starring in one is a completely different ball game.

Dylan McTee

Dylan McTee has worked in the horror genre prior to Wrong Turn but was blown away by the character dynamics in the script of Wrong Turn. Mctee also goes into the process of preparing for a role like his character who has many complex layers.

Bill Sage

Bill Sage is no stranger to the horror and thriller genre, and he explains that he simply cannot get away from the genre; he loves it. Sage also goes into detail about the incredible scenery and cinematography in the film, and the amazing performances from Charlotte Vega and company.

Adrian Favela

Adrian Favela, who plays Luis, talks about his excitement to be involved with the new Wrong Turn film which has an amazing fan-base from the previous films.

Vardaan Arora

Vardaan Arora, who is also known for his career as a musician, goes into detail about soaking in the entire experience of Wrong Turn.

Please enjoy our extensive and exclusive coverage of Wrong Turn, and please WATCH this film. You will not be disappointed.

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