As we are on Emmys Watch this weekend, Ted Lasso is of course one of the big shows that has tons of eyeballs on it right now. There are 20 Emmy nominations for Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso including 4 cast members nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series including Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed, Brett Goldstein and Jeremy Swift. We recently had a chance to chat with Jeremy Swift about playing Higgins on the Popternative show.

Jeremy Swift plays Higgins who is quickly becoming one of the most beloved characters on the show. When we spoke with Swift, he also explained how much fun it is to play a character like Higgins who provides the comic relief, but who is also so loyal:

He’s absolutely about the team. And I think my back-story in my head is that Higgins loves football, but he couldn’t really play very well and probably got fouled really badly when he was a kid and decided that, you know, he will be a fan. And through various journeys he came to work for Richmond. But yeah, he’s really, really about the team. And sometimes he has to make tough decisions by bringing Jamie (Tartt) back, which may be an unpopular decision and challenging decisions like bringing in sports therapist, Dr. Sharon, played by the amazing Sarah Niles.” – Jeremy Swift

Swift is also astounded by the global impact that Ted Lasso has had in such a short amount of time:

“When I would look on Twitter, I would see tweets in Arabic or in Japanese or Spanish. And I’ve never had that experience before. And I will hit translators to see what they were saying, obviously. They were pretty much uniformly excited and positive. It’s amazing to see.” – Jeremy Swift

You can watch our full interview with Jeremy Swift below, and we wish Jeremy and the rest of the entire cast and of crew of Ted Lasso all the best ahead of Sunday’s Prime Time Emmys!

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