Golf and fishing are seen as the typical go-to off-season activities for hockey players. To illustrate this connection for example, when a team gets eliminated from the playoffs, we often hear the saying “time to bring out the golf clubs”.

But for Boston Bruins’ forward Ryan Spooner, there is one other off-season activity he really enjoys: dropping beats. Specifically, his passion for EDM (electronic dance music) has allowed him to experiment with turntables during his time off in the summer.

During an exclusive Popternative interview, he explains his reasoning behind how and why he got into DJing. His passion for music clearly impacted him: “I started DJing because I like expressing my emotions through music and connecting with people”.

It’s a well known fact that music helps alleviate stress and generates relaxation. This is evident when Spooner explained: “I like EDM because it makes me feel better and more energetic. I see things in a different light, and music in general is like that. It’s an escape from reality for me – it brings me peace and lets me escape any stress and worries. I couldn’t picture life without music”.

He then wanted to bring this positive effect of music onto others through his DJing: “I like bringing happiness and joy to others through music while allowing them to escape whatever worries they have at the time. Music is like medicine – I truly believe it heals, connects and brings people together”.

Aside from performing at Greco Fitness in Stittsville, Ontario, those who attend Bruins games at TD Garden in Boston also get exposed to his music: “At Bruins games they use my set for warm-ups on ice” Spooner explains.

It is also cool to see hockey players share their passions off the ice with their fans on social media, and Spooner is doing that with music.

Watch Ryan Spooner on Popternative below.