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Netflix finally dropped season 2 of Outer Banks today and people are binge watching it all over the world. If you haven’t started it just yet, check out our spoiler-free review of season 2 below. The first season had memorable scenes, but it also had some great quotes that were a blend of humor and philosophy. This is certainly still the case for season 2! Here are some Outer Banks quotes from season 2 that stood out to us.

Outer Banks Season 2 Quotes

I’m calling the shots now. And to start, I’m driving…. I can’t drive stick” – Sarah

What if I’m not okay?” – Rafe

The element of surprise, that’s what’s in our favor right now” – JJ

The thing about hell is there’s always another one below” – John B

Love is five minutes of pleasure for a lifetime of pain” – Pope

Keep runnin’ that mouth and see if I don’t come knock that J.Crew-lookin’ ass out” – Barry

I already am who I am” – Kie

Number one rule: never trust mechanics” – JJ

You know, I was thinking. Let’s get married” – Sarah

Everybody thinks nature is all chill, right. It’s such bullshit. Everything is trying to kill everything else all the time and every single thing has to kill to live. Killing is nature” – Rafe

All I got is you guys. You’re it” – JJ

I am an official member of the I have nothing to lose club” – Kie

I think I’m Sherlock Holmes!” – JJ

You’re too damn trusting. You’re just going to get hurt” – Topper

The magic scarf was eaten by bugs” – Rafe

I don’t think the ocean washes away anything. If anything, the ocean makes you remember” – John B

Why not you?” – Kie

I claim thee Poguelandia” – JJ

Shit just got way more personal” – Pope

It’s time for Operation Liberation” – JJ

I know I can’t change the past, but I’m gonna be different now” – Rafe

You should think about like, a Rosetta Stone because your Spanish and French are flip-flopped” – John B

Let us know what your favorite season 2 Outer Banks quotes are!

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