Apple TV+ today announced that the acclaimed travel series The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy has been renewed for season 2. The series is hosted and executive produced by Emmy Award winner Eugene Levy (Schitt’s Creek) and premiered globally in February this year.

“After experiencing season one, I’ve come to realize it’s true what they say about travel broadening the mind – and, I guess my mind could still take some broadening. So I’m packing my suitcase once again and looking forward – with a healthy dose of trepidation – to whatever adventures lie in store. Here’s to trying new things – well, within reason,” said host and executive producer Eugene Levy.

Eugene Levy meets Kees Eijrond while visiting Lisbon in The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy. Photo by: Apple TV+

Having become a junior member of the world traveler club after confronting some of his long-held fears in season one, including poisonous snakes, harrowing helicopter rides and swimming in freezing lakes, Levy is feeling brave enough to take on an even bigger journey in season two. The second season follows Levy through Europe as he visits some of the continent’s most beautiful and intriguing destinations, uncovering hidden local gems with new friends, and staying in remarkable and unique hotels along the way. 


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