Cineverse today released the official trailer for the horror thriller #AMFAD: All My Friends Are Dead which sees a bunch of Gen Zers being terrorized at an Airbnb during a music festival. The film will be released in select theaters and On Demand on August 2nd.

Written by Josh Sims and Jessica Sarah Flaum (PBC) and directed by Marcus Dunstan (The Collector, Saw V, Saw VI), #AMFAD: All My Friends Are Dead stars Jade Pettyjohn (Little Fires Everywhere), Jennifer Ens (Chapelwaite), Ali Fumiko Whitney (Cabin Girl), Michaella Russell (Echoes of Violence), Julian Haig (Riverdale), Justin Derickson (Monster High: The Movie), Cardi Wong (Are You Afraid of the Dark?), Jack Doupe-Smith, and Jojo Siwa.

(L-R): Ali Fumiko Whitney as Liv, Justin Derickson as Will, Jennifer Ens as Mona, and Jade Pettyjohn as Sarah in #AMFAD: All My Friends Are Dead. Photo: Cineverse
Jojo Siwa as Colette Campbell in #AMFAD: All My Friends Are Dead. Photo: Cineverse

The official synopsis reads, “A group of college friends rent an Airbnb for the biggest music festival of the year. A weekend of partying quickly takes a turn, as the group is murdered one by one, according to their sin.”

Check out the Red Band trailer below.


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