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We were joined on the Popternative show by Alex Karlsson Tyrefors who stars as Stella Sandell in the Swedish miniseries A Nearly Normal Family. The drama thriller premiered November 24th, 2023 on Netflix and is based on the critically acclaimed novel by Mattias Edvardsson.

Alex makes her acting debut in the series which also stars Christian Fandango Sundgren, Björn Bengtsson, Melisa Ferhatovic, and Lo Kauppi. It follows 19-year-old Stella Sandell accused of murdering her entrepreneur boyfriend Chris (played by Christian Fandango Sundgren). During the investigation and flashbacks, it is revealed that Stella’s parents each have their own secrets as well, putting the investigation at risk as they do everything in their power to protect their daughter. The six-episode series is filled with twists and keeps you on the edge of your seat not knowing what the final outcome will be or who really killed Chris.

When asked about A Nearly Normal Family being her first acting role, Alex says, “I’ve always been creative; I’ve been painting a lot, drawing and taking photos. Then the casting director posted on Facebook that they were looking for two girls with another Swedish dialect than my own for a series. And it wasn’t specified that it was for Netflix. I just emailed her and they just called me up and asked if I could do the accent they were asking for. I have family from that part of Sweden and I’ve grown up with that dialect, but I don’t speak it personally. I told her no, I’m not from that part of Sweden but give me a few months and I will make it happen. And she trusted me.”

(L-R): Christian Fandango Sundgren as Chris and Alex Tyrefors as Stella in A Nearly Normal Family. Photo by: Gustav Danielsson/Netflix

Alex also touches on some of the challenges in preparing for her role: “For me, it had a lot to do with making Stella a person. She’s not a character. She’s a girl, she’s your sister, your daughter, your friend. She became somewhat of a little sister for me, I care so much for her and I want her to do well. But it was difficult because I don’t think there was any specific scenes, it was just difficult being in that dark headspace for such a long period of time.”

Watch the full conversation with Alex below.

A Nearly Normal Family is streaming on Netflix.

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