Heartstopper is the new coming-of-age LGBTQ+ series on Netflix which the world just can’t get enough of. After the very first episode, it’s hard to deny it has a special quality that we can’t quite put into words. Though a season 2 is yet to be confirmed, there is a strong chance it will happen given its massive popularity. While nothing can quite compare to Heartstopper, nor the feel-good mood it elicits, we suggest 8 shows like Heartstopper you might also enjoy. Happy binging!

Feel Good (2020-2021)

Who’s in it: Mae Martin, Charlotte Ritchie, Lisa Kudrow, Adrian Lukis, Phil Burgers, Ritu Arya, Jordan Stephens, Barry Ward, John Ross Bowie, Pippa Haywood 

Synopsis: “The series follows recovering addict and comedian Mae, who is trying to control the addictive behaviors and intense romanticism that permeate every facet of her life.”

Number of seasons: 2

Where to watch: Netflix

Generation (2021)

Who’s in it: Justice Smith, Chase Sui Wonders, Uly Schlesinger, Haley Sanchez, Chloe East, Nathanya Alexander, Lukita Maxwell, Nava Mau, Sydney Mae Diaz, Diego Josef

Synopsis: “The story centers on a group of high school students in Orange County, California who explore their sexuality in a modern world. This tests their deeply entrenched beliefs about life, love and the nature of family in their conservative community.”

Number of seasons: 1

Where to watch: HBO Max

Love, Victor (2020-2022)

Who’s in it: Michael Cimino, George Sear, Rachel Hilson, Anthony Turpel, Bebe Wood, Mason Gooding, Isabella Ferreira

Synopsis: “Set in the world of the original 2018 film Love, Simon, the series follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation. When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school.”

Number of seasons: 2 so far but the third and final season will premiere on June 15, 2022.

Where to watch: Hulu, Disney+

Merlí (2015-2018)

Who’s in it: Carlos Cuevas, David Solans, Francesc Orella, Candela Antón, Elisabet Casanovas, Marcos Franz, Marta Marco, Adrian Grösser, Albert Baró, Júlia Creus

Synopsis: “An unconventional high school philosophy teacher upsets a few parents and staff, romances others, and inspires all his pupils, including his gay son.”

Number of seasons: 3 – there is also a spinoff of the series titled Merlí: Sapere Aude with 2 seasons so far on HBO Max and Netflix.

Where to watch: Netflix, Prime Video

Please Like Me (2013-2016)

Who’s in it: Josh Thomas, Thomas Ward, Debra Lawrance, Wade Briggs, Keegan Joyce, Emily Barclay, Hannah Gadsby, David Roberts

Synopsis: “Twenty something Josh is going through a number of big changes as he navigates his first decade of adulthood. After being dumped by his girlfriend, he comes to the realization that he is gay.”

Number of seasons: 4

Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu

Sex Education (2019 – )

Who’s in it: Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Gillian Anderson, Emma Mackey, Connor Swindells, Aimee Lou Wood, Patricia Allison, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Mikael Persbrandt, Alistair Petrie, Tanya Reynolds

Synopsis: “When his classmates learn about his home life, Otis decides to use his insider knowledge to improve his status at school, so he teams with whip-smart bad girl Maeve to set up an underground sex therapy clinic to deal with their classmates’ problems.”

Number of seasons: 3 with a fourth one confirmed.

Where to watch: Netflix

Skam (2015-2017)

Who’s in it: Lisa Teige, Tarjei Sandvik Moe, Josefine Frida Pettersen, Marlon Langeland, Iman Meskini, Ulrikke Falch, Thomas Hayes, Herman Tømmeraas, Henrik Holm, Ina Svenningdal, David Stakston

Synopsis: “The story of young teenagers in Oslo and their troubles, scandals and everyday life. Each season is told from a different person’s point of view.”

Number of seasons: 4 – it should be noted that Skam has been adapted into 7 additonal series outside of Norway: Skam France, Skam Italia, Druck (German), Skam España, WTFock (Belgium), Skam Austin and Skam NL (Dutch).

Where to watch: Apple TV, though some of the adaptations are available on Netflix in certain countries.

Young Royals (2021- )

Who’s in it: Edvin Ryding, Omar Rudberg, Malte Gårdinger, Nikita Uggla, Frida Argento, Ivar Forsling, Felicia Truedsson, Carmen Gloria Pérez

Synopsis: “Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.”

Number of seasons: 1 so far, but season 2 is currently in production.

Where to watch: Netflix


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