Netflix’s XO, Kitty, which is a To All the Boys spin-off series, sees Anna Cathcart reprising her role as Kitty Song Covey who we were first introduced to in the Netflix film franchise To All the Boys (2018-2021). The series premiered on May 18 and follows 16 year old Kitty as she transfers to the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS) in Seoul, South Korea for her junior year of high school, which is the same age her late mother also attended that very same school. Kitty takes this as an opportunity to learn more about her mother and Korean culture, while also as a way to reconnect with her long distance Korean boyfriend, Dae.

The series is clearly a hit; it debuted on the English TV List with 72.1M hours viewed, and the cast of XO, Kitty are exploding on social media. Actor Sang Heon Lee, who plays Min Ho, made his acting debut with XO, Kitty and reached 1 million followers on Instagram in just four days after the series premiered (he currently has over 2 million followers). His real life sister, Gia Kim, who plays Yuri, is currently at more than half a million Instagram followers.

While the series introduced us to new actors, some of the XO, Kitty cast have been in previous projects. Here are 7 movies and series you can stream right now featuring the XO, Kitty cast.

Bump (2021 – ) – Peter Thurnwald (Alex)

Who else is in it: Nathalie Morris, Carlos Sanson Jr., Claudia Karvan, Ioane Saula, Safia Arain, Angus Sampson, Paula Garcia, Ioane Saula, Ricardo Scheihing Vasquez

Synopsis: “An unexpected pregnancy complicates the lives of two families. The series centers around Oly, an ambitious and high-achieving teenage girl who has a surprise baby.”

Where to watch: The CW, HBO Max

A Korean Odyssey (2017) – Michael K. Lee (Professor Lee)

Who else is in it: Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, Oh Yeon-seo, Hong-ki Lee, Jang Gwang, Lee El, Kim Sung-oh, Sung Hyuk, Se-yeong Lee

Synopsis: “A self-serving mythical creature’s bid for invincibility backfires when he finds himself at the mercy of a woman who can see otherworldly beings.”

Where to watch: Netflix

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (2022 – ) – Yunjin Kim (Principal Jina Lim)

Who else is in it: Jeon Jong-seo, Kim Ji-hoon, Park Hae-soo, Lee Joo-bin, Lee Hyun-woo, Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Si-woo, Jang Yoon-ju, Kim Sung-oh, Park Myung-hoon, Lee Won-jong, Kil Eun-sung, Lee Kyu-ho, Jang Hyun-sung

Synopsis: “Thieves overtake the mint of a unified Korea. With hostages trapped inside, the police must stop them – as well as the shadowy mastermind behind it all.”

Where to watch: Netflix

A Radiant Girl/Une jeune fille qui va bien (2021) – Théo Augier Bonaventure (Florian)

Who else is in it: Rebecca Marder, Ben Attal, Cyril Metzger, Anthony Bajon, India Hair, Elsa Guedj, Françoise Widhoff, Bastien Bouillon, Jérôme Deschamps, André Marcon, Florence Viala

Synopsis: “Paris, summer 1942. Irene is Jewish and French. She is 19 and living a life of passions – her friendships, her new love, her desire to be an actress – nothing suggests that Irene’s time is running out.”

Where to watch: Apple TV, Vudu

Spin (2021) – Anna Cathcart (Kitty Song Covey)

Who else is in it: Avantika, Abhay Deol, Meera Syal, Aryan Simhadri, Michela Luci, Kerri Medders, Jahbril Cook, Michael Bishop, Agam Darshi, Kyana Teresa

Synopsis: “The adventures of 15-year-old Rhea Kumar, who lives with her tight-knit multigenerational family and realizes that her true passion is to be an EDM DJ.”

Where to watch: Disney+

Student Body (2022) Anthony Keyvan (Q)

Who else is in it: Montse Hernandez, Christian Camargo, Harley Quinn Smith, Cheyenne Haynes, Austin Zajur, Ty Trumbo, Suehyla El-Attar Young

Synopsis: “The film follows high school student Jane (played by Hernandez) who, after experiencing an inappropriate situation with her math teacher, takes matters into her own hands when the school administration refuses to take action. The film tackles several important topics including the importance of fitting in and the unfortunate reality of young women handling predatory advances from men in power.”

Where to watch: Hulu, Showtime

The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022 – ) – Jocelyn Shelfo (Madison)

Who else is in it: Lola Tung, Gavin Casalegno, Christopher Briney, Minnie Mills, Sean Kaufman, Rachel Blanchard, David Iacono, Jackie Chung, Rain Spencer, Summer Madison, Tom Everett Scott, Kyra Sedgwick, Colin Ferguson

Synopsis: “A love triangle between one girl and two brothers. A story about first love, first heartbreak, and the magic of that one perfect summer.”

Where to watch: Prime Video


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