The final season of the supernatural drama series Manifest concluded on June 2nd with part 2 of season 4 on Netflix. Starring Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, J.R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Ty Doran, Parveen Kaur, Matt Long, Holly Taylor, and Daryl Edwards, the series follows the passengers and crew of a missing airplane who mysteriously reappear after being presumed dead for five and a half years. If you’re going through major Manifest withdrawals, we have 10 suggestions of shows like Manifest to watch next. And we promise that Lost isn’t on this list.

The 4400 (2004-2007)

Number of seasons: 4

Cast: Jacqueline McKenzie, Joel Gretsch, Patrick John Flueger, Conchita Campbell, Mahershala Ali, Chad Faust, Richard Kahan, Billy Campbell, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Samantha Ferris

Synopsis: “As the reappearance of 4,400 missing persons on a single day confounds the global community, federal agents on the case slowly discover the ways in which the victims have been changed.”

Where to watch: Plex

Dark (2017-2020)

Number of seasons: 3

Cast: Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari, Gina Stiebitz, Andreas Pietschmann, Oliver Masucci, Maja Schöne, Antje Traue, Moritz Jahn, Max Schimmelpfennig, Daan Lennard Liebrenz, Karoline Eichhorn, Deborah Kaufmann, Jördis Triebel

Synopsis: “A missing child sets four families on a frantic hunt for answers. Their search for a culprit unearths a small town’s sins and secrets.”

Where to watch: Netflix

Into The Night (2020-2021)

Number of seasons: 2

Cast: Mehmet Kurtuluş, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Pauline Etienne, Alba Gaïa Bellugi, Regina Bikkinina, Laurent Capelluto, Stefano Cassetti, Jan Bijvoet, Dennis Mojen, Ksawery Szlenkier

Synopsis: “When the sun inexplicably starts killing everything and everyone in its path, a few ‘lucky’ passengers and crew of an overnight flight out of Brussels try to survive as they fly west – into the night.”

Where to watch: Netflix

La Brea (2021 – )

Number of seasons: 2 so far with season 3 confirmed

Cast: Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Nicholas Gonzalez, Veronica St. Clair, Chiké Okonkwo, Jack Martin, Lily Santiago, Jon Seda, Zyra Gorecki, Josh McKenzie, Michelle Vergara Moore

Synopsis: “An epic adventure begins when a massive sinkhole opens in the middle of Los Angeles, pulling hundreds of people and buildings into its depths. Those who fell in find themselves in a mysterious and dangerous primeval land, where they have no choice but to band together to survive. Meanwhile, the rest of the world desperately seeks to understand what happened. In the search for answers, one family torn apart by this disaster will have to unlock the secrets of this inexplicable event to find a way back to each other.”

Where to watch: NBC, Peacock

The Leftovers (2014-2017)

Number of seasons: 3

Cast: Justin Theroux, Carrie Coon, Margaret Qualley, Liv Tyler, Chris Zylka, Amy Brenneman, Ann Dowd, Emily Meade, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Christopher Eccleston, Regina King, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Amanda Warren

Synopsis: “Three years after the disappearance of 2% of the global human population, a group of people in a small New York community try to continue their lives while coping with the tragedy of the unexplained nature of the event.”

Where to watch: HBO, Max

The OA (2016-2019)

Number of seasons: 2

Cast: Brit Marling, Patrick Gibson, Emory Cohen, Jason Isaacs, Ian Alexander, Phyllis Smith, Brandon Perea, Brendan Meyer, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Sharon Van Etten, Will Brill, Alice Krige, Scott Wilson

Synopsis: “Having gone missing seven years ago, the previously blind Prairie returns home, now in her twenties with her sight restored. While many believe she is a miracle, others worry that she could be dangerous.”

Where to watch: Netflix

Project Blue Book (2019-2020)

Number of seasons: 2

Cast: Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Ksenia Solo, Laura Mennell, Neal McDonough, Jill Morrison, Sofia Milos, Michael Shanks

Synopsis: “A tough US Air Force officer and a skeptical scientist investigate UFO and alien conspiracies as Cold War paranoia spreads.”

Where to watch: History Channel, Peacock


Number of seasons: 2

Cast: Brian J. Smith, Tuppence Middleton, Jamie Clayton, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Tina Desai, Doona Bae, Aml Ameen, Max Riemelt, Daryl Hannah, Naveen Andrews, Terrence Mann, Freema Agyeman, Alfonso Herrera, Erendira Ibarra, Adam Shapiro, Ness Bautista, Joe Pantoliano

Synopsis: “A group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world’s order.”

Where to watch: Netflix

Travelers (2016-2018)

Number of seasons: 3

Cast: Eric McCormack, MacKenzie Porter, Reilly Dolman, Nesta Cooper, Jared Abrahamson, Patrick Gilmore, Leah Cairns, Jennifer Spence, J. Alex Brinson, Enrico Colantoni

Synopsis: “Hundreds of years from now, surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century, while attempting to change the path of humanity.”

Where to watch: Netflix

Under the Dome (2013-2015)

Number of seasons: 3

Cast: Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Dean Norris, Alexander Koch, Eddie Cahill, Colin Ford, Britt Robertson, Natalie Martinez, Mackenzie Lintz, Grace Victoria Cox, Aisha Hinds, Eriq La Salle, Natalie Zea

Synopsis: “An invisible and mysterious force field descends upon a small actual town of Chester’s Mill, Maine, USA, trapping residents inside, cut off from the rest of civilization. The trapped townspeople must discover the secrets and purpose of the “dome” or “sphere” and its origins, while coming to learn more than they ever knew about each other and animals too.”

Where to watch: Paramount+


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