When we think of horror movies from the 2000s, films like Final Destination (2001), The Ring (2002), The Grudge (2004), Saw (2004) and The Strangers (2008) often come to mind. There’s no denying those are among some of the best horror ones out there. But, there are some incredible films from that era that are often forgotten about when October rolls around each year. Here are 10 underrated horror movies from the 2000s you need to check out (or re-watch!).

1.) 13 Ghosts (2001)
Director: Steve Beck
Stars: Tony Shalhoub, Shannon Elizabeth, Matthew Lillard
Synopsis: When Cyrus Kriticos, a very rich collector of unique things, dies, he leaves house and fortune to his nephew and his family. While they’re inside, they find they are not alone.

2.) Trick ‘r Treat (2007)
Director: Michael Dougherty
Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker
On Halloween, a few people face their worst nightmares as their paths cross one another. These include a couple that blows out a Halloween lamp, a serial killer, a college girl and a few errant teens.

3.) Ghost Ship (2002)
Director: Steve Beck
Stars: Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne, Ron Eldard
Synopsis: A salvage crew discovers an uninhabited passenger ship, lost in 1962, in the Bering Sea. However, they soon realise something is amiss after many paranormal activities are observed.

4.) The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
Director: Scott Derrickson
Stars: Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson, Jennifer Carpenter
Synopsis: Reverend Moore performs an exorcism on a girl believed to be possessed by demons. The prosecutor argues that the girl suffered from schizophrenia, but Moore’s defence lawyer has a different opinion.

5.) The Ruins (2008)
Director: Carter Smith
Stars: Shawn Ashmore, Jena Malone, Jonathan Tucker
Synopsis: A carefree Mexican vacation takes a dark turn for a group of friends when they reluctantly agree to follow a fellow tourist to a remote archaeological dig in the jungle.

6.) Ginger Snaps (2000)
Director: John Fawcett
Stars: Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Kris Lemche
: Two death-obsessed sisters, outcasts in their suburban neighborhood, must deal with the tragic consequences when one of them is bitten by a deadly werewolf.

7.) Wolf Creek (2005)
Director: Greg McLean
Stars: Nathan Phillips, Cassandra Magrath, Kestie Morassi
Synopsis: Three backpackers stranded in the Australian outback are plunged inside a hellish nightmare of insufferable torture by a sadistic psychopathic local.

8.) Rec (2007)
Director: Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza
Stars: Manuela Velasco, Ferran Terraza, Jorge-Yamam Serrano
Synopsis: A television reporter and cameraman follow emergency workers into a dark apartment building and are quickly locked inside with something terrifying.

9.) Cabin Fever (2002)
Director: Eli Roth
Stars: Jordan Ladd, Rider Strong, James DeBello
Synopsis: Five college graduates rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a horrifying flesh-eating virus, which attracts the unwanted attention of the homicidal locals.

10.) 30 Days of Night (2007)
Director: David Slade
Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston, Ben Foster
After an Alaskan town is plunged into darkness for a month, it is attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires.

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