We bet you can name at least five horror films right now right off the top of your head. However, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen them already, and more than once. If you’re a little tired of re-watching the typical horror films each year, we got you covered. Here are some horror films that you more than likely haven’t seen.

#1 Session 9 (2001)
A cleaning crew is sent into an abandoned mental asylum to clean out asbestos, and discovers some old tapes of therapy sessions. They soon discover that the asylum is not as abandoned as they thought.

#2 Rubber (2010)
This film is about a tire, yes, a TIRE, that has evil powers and kills people. Enough said.

#3 The Midnight Meat Train (2008)
It’s a little surprising that this movie hasn’t received much attention. The cast includes Bradley Cooper, Brooke Shields, Leslie Bibb, Roger Bart, Ted Raimi and Vinnie Jones. The film revolves around a photographer who tries to figure out the identity of a local serial killer known as the Subway Butcher.

#4 May (2002)
May is a young woman with a troubling past who has a hard time in social situations and unfortunately does not handle rejection too well. This is a perfect film to watch on Halloween, as most of the gore occurs on Halloween in the film. Fun fact: a young Anna Faris has a role in this.

#5 The House of the Devil (2009)
A young woman is hired to babysit in a remote area, and soon experiences strange and dangerous occurrences. The film is essentially an homage to the horror films of the 1970s and 1980s.

#6 Jug Face (2013)
A teenage girl who is pregnant with her brother’s child is living in a backwoods community and desperately tries to escape. She soon discovers that she will be sacrificed to a mysterious creature. 

#7 Splinter (2008)
A young couple who head out for a romantic getaway soon find themselves stuck in a creepy gas station with a dangerous and deadly splinter (yes, you read that correct).

#8 From the Dark (2014)
A couple travelling through the Irish countryside stay at a cabin in a secluded area, and are terrorized by a strange creature at night.

#9 Triangle (2009)
A group of friends get stranded at sea after a storm. They are saved when a ship appears, although abandoned. It turns out the ship is far from abandoned.

#10 Crownsnest (2012)
This found footage-themed film is about five teens who get terrorized by a mysterious RV while embarking on a weekend adventure.