Netflix and Spotify have teamed up and created some awesome playlists for each Stranger Things characterWhatever your taste, at least one of these playlists will appeal to you, and you will be able to discover which character you are most similar to.

You can read more about the playlists in Spotify’s official statement about it here.

In the meantime, here’s a general breakdown of the playlists:

Eleven’s Breakfast Jams
Described as: An early-morning playlist for an Eggo-loving, telekinetic riot grrrl. Wake up and smell the whoop-ass”

Dustin’s Curiosity Jams
Described as: “Songs to listen to when you’re going on a curiosity voyage, Mr. Clarke-approved”

Mike’s Bassment Beats (yes, bass-ment)
Described as: “Bass-heavy synth-pop to power a 5-hour D&D sesh”

Mad Max’s Sk8 Sessions
Described as: “Early-’80s punk meets classic California surf rock for our favorite skate princess”

Jonathan’s Outsider Looking in
Described as: Angst-ridden loner anthems to listen to when you’re riding around town or working in the dark room”

Nancy’s Slaylist
Described as: “Fierce songs to fuel Nancy’s fire when setting bear traps and slinging guns”

Lucas’ Bike-Around Tracks
Described as: “Super-hip, retro, and contempo hits to jam to when biking around with your wolf pack”

Steve’s Morning Hair Grooves (our favorite one!)
Described as: “Steve’s favorite yacht rock to preen to when getting ready. Yuppie hits of yesterday and today”

Will’s Castle Byers Classics
Described as: “Classic rock you can sing along to while hanging out at Castle Byers … or the Upside Down”

Billy’s Pedal to the Medal
Described as: “80s hair metal and aggro rock paired best with after-school beatdowns, road rage, and mullets”

Demogorgon’s Upside Downers
Described as: “Death metal to turn that smile Upside Down, from your faceless neighborhood demon prince”

Joyce’s Halloween House Party
Described as: “Trick-or-treat favorites to set the scene for the ultimate Byers Halloween bash”