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Recently, Bournemouth (UK) pop rock band Wolf Culture, consisting of Jake Daniels (drummer), Jay Dervan (guitarist), Josh Halbert (bass guitarist) and Max Dervan (vocalist), released their debut EP ‘The Devil’s Plans for Idle Hands’ and I had the opportunity catch up with them. Check out the Q&A below:

Saverina Scozzari: How would you describe your sound using only one word?
Wolf Culture: Pastel

SS: What did you learn about yourselves while making this EP?
WC: We’ve learnt a lot about ourselves as a band. Recording an album is like a melting pot of ideas, it brings out each members strengths. Max was quite ill at the time so that made things a little harder but it was an overall enjoyable process and we’re pleased with the results.

SS: Where would you like your music journey to take you?
WC: All around the world and onto people’s playlists. We’d love to meet and play to as many people, in as many different places as possible. It’s all about the people and as much as we look forward to the future, we really appreciate everyone that’s helped us get this far.

SS: Max was quoted saying that “its lyrical bitter sweetness looks to poke fun at what people often perceive to be champagne problems”. Can you elaborate?
WC: A lot of the subject matters on the EP are actual day-to-day struggles and people will ALWAYS have experiences of these struggles to some degree in their lives. It means that its important to remember that, what might be, seemingly insignificant “champagne problems” to one person, could be the biggest stress in someone’s life at that given time.

SS: What kind of impact are you hoping that the band and this EP will have on listeners?
WC: We just hope we’ve made something different and memorable. I say it all the time, but this EP is really personal to us and we want people to feel as if our music is personal to them too.

Be sure to check out the EP featuring  the singles “Wreck” and “Continents” along with two new tracks here.
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