As the Canadian Football League’s (CFL) 105th Grey Cup approaches, not only are we curious as to which two teams will make it to the finals, but we are also interested in the digital content that will be created for this highly anticipated event.

Popternative had the opportunity to ask CFL host Brodie Lawson some questions including what to expect content wise from this year’s Grey Cup. Not only does Brodie have access to all things CFL related, but she also creates continual digital content for the league. On top of interviewing the league’s top players, she gets to share behind-the-scenes moments with her weekly video series, #CFLTHISWEEK. Interestingly, #CFLTHISWEEK was Twitter’s first live Canadian partnership using the Twitter Live Platform.

Check out the full interview below.

Popternative: Talk about what got you interested in being a on-camera host in sports. What advice do you have for students who want to one day be in your footsteps? 

BL: I initially loved the pressure and energy of working in television! I interned at TSN for a summer and I got to see the way their newsroom worked. I . Was. Sold. There were deadlines and people rushing around and high stakes- I absolutely loved it. More than anything though it was fun! The people were awesome and passionate about their work and I found that as I continued in sports media that was generally the case. People who work in this industry truly love what they do. In addition to the energy I was drawn to this field because I was passionate about sharing athletes’ stories. What made me want to work on-camera was that I really wanted to be the one asking the questions and connecting with the athlete. Conducting an interview, no matter how trivial or serious, means learning how to respect the athletes boundaries with the added challenge of drawing their personality and authenticity out. I love this about my job!

My best advice for students:

1) Tell everyone you know that you want to work in sports media and don’t be afraid to be bold about it! Eventually someone will set you up with somebody who will help you open doors.

2) Know your personal brand – be who you are and don’t try and be like another broadcaster. You will be hired for your unique skill set and your take on the world so just be you!

3) Whatever you do, do it because of and with passion. Be passionate about the stories you tell and the work you do. It can be a slow climb so you need to love it.

Popternative: The Grey Cup is coming up! What are some things we can expect content wise from the CFL?

BL: I legit can’t wait for Grey Cup, it’s Sunday the 26th so get it in your calendar! We have so much awesome stuff planned for CFL fans, I know they are going to love it. There will be TONS of editorial and video content on each day, breaking down the matchup and reporting from practice. What I am most excited for is our live show CFL This Week that will be broadcasting live on Twitter @CFL from Thursday November 23rd to Grey Cup Sunday the 26th! We have some great guests lined up and I think live content, especially around playoffs and Grey Cup, has elevated energy and excitement! We will also be live from both the Eastern Semi-Final and Eastern Final at 11:30 ET.


Popternative: What is your favourite thing about working in sports and why did you choose this field?

BL: My favourite thing about working in sports is having the opportunity to share player’s stories. It’s pretty rare we do a serious sit-down interview, but someone sharing their story to me is them being a bit vulnerable and very authentic. Anytime a guy feels like he can be himself, joke around and share a little bit more of who he is with our fans I feel like I’ve done my job. I am always after the least cliché answers and moments and this challenge is one of the things I love most about my role. I chose this field because I love sports, they are a great unifier and in many ways a great equalizer and more than anything sport is fun. I am lucky to work in a job that brings me joy, challenges me and so importantly has allowed me to work with some of the most talented people in the business. The CFL crew is the A team. It just is.

A big thank you to Brodie Lawson for taking the time to answer our questions. As Brodie mentioned in the interview, the 150th Grey Cup is on Sunday November 26th in Ottawa at TD Place. The Grey Cup Festivities will begin on November 21. Be sure to follow Brodie on Twitter to keep up with all things CFL!