Master of None, Friends, The Office, How I Met Your Mother – you’ve probably seen all of these and are looking for a new comedy to get into. Here are 5 series you may or may not have heard of which are available on Netflix.

Chewing Gum

Plot: 24-year-old virgin Tracy who lives in London grew up in a strict, religious family. She decides she wants to lose her virginity and tries to fulfill her goal.


Plot: Originally titled Scrotal Recall, this series revolves around Dylan who finds out that he has a sexually transmitted disease and must contact everyone he has slept with to inform them.


Plot: This comedy anthology series explores the different lives and situations of people living in Chicago. You can expect to see appearances from Dave Franco, Aya Cash, Orlando Bloom, Michael Chernus, Jake Johnson, Malin Akerman and Kiersey Clemons.


Plot: Rachel took a year break before beginning medial school, but she meets and marries Dale aka “Cuckoo” (played by Samberg). Cuckoo is an American hippie with no job and Rachel’s parents must learn to accept him into the family. Unfortunately, Taylor Lautner replaces Andy Samberg in season two but it’s still worth a watch.

Friends From College

Plot: Six friends who remained pals years after meeting in college are all dealing with different issues in their 40s. This show received pretty mixed reviews when it was released over the summer – but it is definitely a great show that is worth getting into, especially since Netflix renewed the series for a second season.