Singer-songwriter Lucas Carpenter took some time with us to chat about his upcoming music including his new song and video for “Linda McCartney.”

“The song is pretty much all references to Linda & Paul McCartney’s relationship & the search for your own version of that kind of Love. This is a performance with my one-man-band live-looping rig. It’s all done in one take & the whole song is created on the fly with no pre-recorded backing tracks. I filmed & edited the entire video myself.”  – Lucas on creating this song.

How excited were you to release the video for “Linda McCartney”? Tell us a little bit about how that song came to be.

Very excited!  I was always very inspired by the relationship Linda and Paul McCartney had, as 2 incredibly creative people who seemed to have such a beautiful partnership, and I wrote the song about my search for a similar relationship.  The illustrations for the official music video were created by my friend Tiffany Vandermark, and I filmed, edited, and did additional animating for it myself…it was a very DIY/covid-era video making project for sure, haha!  It’s been really fun taking the studio recording and figuring out how to perform it live, as you see in the live looping video there’s a LOT happening, I have to spin a lot of plates!

When people listen to Lucas Carpenter, a lot of sounds are happening. Is that the plan?

I’ve always been influenced by all sorts of styles and instrumentation, so my music is a reflection of that for sure.  Just “Linda McCartney” alone is kind of a combination of break-beat hip-hop, theatrical pop, and world music, so the challenge is always figuring out how to make all these influences work together to create something unique.  At the core of it I write pop story songs, but like Paul McCartney, Sting, or Paul Simon I try to take those songs and give them a fresh, multi-genre sound.

What are some trends that you are seeing in the Covid Music world right now? (Live streams? way more music binging?)

The average person is definitely consuming a lot more media from home these days, but they’re also incredibly distracted, so it’s hard to know how to put music out right now.  My personal goal is to put out as much high quality content as I can from home.  Having a good home setup, whether for audio recording, making videos, and/or live streaming, has been super crucial in all of this.  The covid-era has understandably tested a lot of people, but it’s been really inspiring to see how creative people have gotten…necessity is the mother of invention!

What do you hope people get out of listening to Lucas Carpenter?

I tend to write story/thematic songs, which at first may seem very specific, but within that story there are universal truths that I think a lot of people can relate to.  I’d like to be the soundtrack to people’s lives the way my favorite artists have been for me.  I think the biggest compliment someone can give you as a songwriter is to say “That song is ME!”  I want to make a connection with people through my melodies and lyrics, and if I can make them dance in the process that’s even better! 

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