We chatted with Digital Content Creator and Podcast Host and Mental Health Advocate, Ally Petitti about her podcast Trying to Figure it Out  and much more.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Ruth

What can you tell us about “Trying to Figure it Out”?
I have been through a lot in my life from divorced parents, mental health struggles, abusive relationships, toxic friendships and more. I have always been open about my experiences and my stories and have found that sharing is healing. I never hold back when talking to friends or family and have been in therapy for years. After going through one of the hardest years of my life I ended up leaving my job at the time and spending a few months trying to decide what would be next for me. In that time, I realized how much I wanted to do something with my experiences and share them. I reached out to my mentor and she said that I should start a podcast and create a space to open up about everything I want to open up about and that was really when the idea came to fruition. Once I decided I was going to do it there was no stopping me and within 6 months Trying To Figure It Out went live! 

TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT is a safe space that I’m hoping is a stepping stone for my listeners to open up about what they’re going through, and feel like they’re not alone. Therapy might not be for everybody. And TTFIO isn’t therapy, but we’re talking about a lot of the issues my guests and I have dealt with, and my hope is that listening to the podcast can be cathartic. 

How important is it for you to be a Mental Health Advocate?
Being a mental health advocate is everything to me. I have struggled my whole life and specifically with anxiety and depression for the last few years. I know from my experiences how hard it can be to help yourself even with all the resources in the world. There is so much that is taboo around speaking up about mental health and it is my goal to break those barriers and talk about it through the space I’m creating on my podcast. There are so many people who do not have access to mental health care and that is something that I adamantly believe needs to change. It’s so important for me to be an advocate for something I have so deeply been affected by and I hope that I can create a space for people to feel less alone and more comfortable in their own skin to own whatever it is they are going through. I am not a therapist but I hope that I can destigmatize mental health through TTFIO. 

What was it like to collab with Jordyn Jones?
Jordyn is a dear friend of mine and I knew interviewing her would be such a fun time for me. She has so much to share and is so wise at such a young age. She has also been through so much in her life. Collaborating with her and bringing her into this space was an absolute pleasure and definitely helped me feel less nervous in my first ever interview for the podcast! 

What is something interesting you learned about the podcast landscape?
I think a lesson I have learned and am still continuing to learn is when / where I am pushing boundaries and opening up in a meaningful impactful way and when I am doing it in a way that I don’t feel comfortable sharing. It is all growing pains for me, this is all new and I am sharing so much and my guests are sharing so much. I am learning with each episode what my comfort zone is, how I can push myself and when I need to just say I’m not ready now but, let’s figure out how we can put this out when I am! I also think that I didn’t realize how much the interviews would impact me personally and for that, I have found a love for my job that I never even expected to find. I love sharing my stories but I love even more hearing the stories of those who are willing to come on TTFIO and share everything and anything with me. It is so meaningful and rewarding. 

I also have found in general how welcoming others in the podcast community are. I have been featured on other podcasts and have guests who either have their own podcasts or have been on many others and it really feels like a community of driven, creative people who are extremely welcoming and want to celebrate everyone’s successes. 

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