We spoke with Adam Murciano about his fictional audio drama podcast series Cascadia which was recently featured on Spotify (US) as ‘Best Fiction Podcast.’ Created by Adam Murciano and Antonio Cordero, Cascadia “is a sci-fi/thriller, deep-sea odyssey, fiction podcast series that takes the listener on an audio ride with the help of immersive sound effects, music and acting.”

We asked Adam all about the series, the current podcast landscape and what’s next for Cascadia. Check out our conversation below.

What can you tell us about Cascadia?

Adam Murciano (AM): Cascadia is a deep-sea submarine thriller that literally takes the listener on a full immersive experience. In these 5 episodes, you will follow Declan Walters, a diver turned captain (at the last minute), on the most historic dive to the Cascadia Subduction Zone. He makes some very dangerous decisions throughout the first bit of the dive, that leaves his crew very concerned and untrusting of him. Things quickly turn fast as the exposition continues…I promise, you won’t see what’s coming. The show is every bit of suspense, thriller and sci-fi glory. It was also recorded in real-time with the cast all in the recording studio together – so you can feel the actual tension and chemistry between the actors. 

What do you think is so interesting about the podcast landscape thesedays? 

AM: Podcasting has come so far in the last 10 years. Like there is seriously a podcast for whatever niche you’re into, which I find so interesting. With Cascadia, it’s like a movie for your ears. Podcasts are a very personal experience. Usually you are listening alone, so our goal was to make you feel like you were on the exposition with the crew. We really took our time to make the whole series feel as cinematic and immersive as possible. 

What was going through your mind when you were featured on Spotify as Best Fiction Podcast on their homepage?

AM: It was a really funny story. I had just released our 4th episode after staying up all night doing the final touches on it (literally went to bed at like 6am). It must have been shortly after I went to sleep that Spotify featured us, because when I woke up later that day at around 1pm – I noticed we had thousands of downloads on each episode. I knew we were being promoted somewhere, but couldn’t figure out where. I checked Apple, I checked Spotify, I even checked Reddit – nothing. I was so confused as to where it was coming from because we didn’t get notified…Turns out the show was being featured on the homepage of Spotify US and I’m in Canada, so I guess Spotify is different for each country. I might not have ever known where this explosion of downloads came from if it weren’t from some random Instagram account messaging me saying “Hey, by the way, Cascadia is being featured on Spotify in the US right now”. I then asked my American friends Ivy & Rachel to check if this was true and they confirmed it. It was all so surreal.

When did you know that storytelling was something you wanted to do?

AM: I’ve always been a storyteller! I started writing short stories around 6 years old. My mom still has boxes of all the mini books I use to write and illustrate. As I grew up, I caught the acting bug and that was kind of my vehicle of story telling throughout my teen years. It wasn’t until 2020 when I decided to write again. ‘Cascadia’ was my first official project, along with my amazing co-writer, Antonio Cordero, who really helped me feel confident in my writing and taught me SO much about the craft.

What is your favorite thing about storytelling? 

AM: My imagination is pretty wild. I constantly come up with story concepts to the point where it feels like overload sometimes. You should see my iPhone Notes app, it’s like soooo long – filled with story ideas, concepts and character dynamics. The best thing about fiction podcasting though, is you don’t need a multi-million dollar budget to create a convincing show. You can literally go to Mars, underwater or to the wild, wild west for virtually $0. All you need is some good quality sound effects, music and great actors that can bring your story to life. 

What’s next for Cascadia?

We are hard at work on Season 2! We are also heading to this year’s Comicon in Toronto for a panel discussion with our cast and creators.


Listen to Cascadia here.

Season 2 and more information on the series can be found here.

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