Review: ‘Twisters’ Blows Glen Powell’s & Daisy Edgar-Jones’s Charm Into A Wild Sequel

Twisters ReviewThere’s no doubt the past few years have given audiences some shaky sequels to classic films. Beloved movies like Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop, and Mad Max have all received the sequel film treatment with a range of response. So, when it was announced that 1996’s Twister was getting a […]

Review: ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ Soars High With Scarlett Johansson & Channing Tatum’s Hilarious Comedy

Fly Me to the Moon Review For a film with an energy similar to Frank Sinatra’s 1964 classic recording, Fly Me to the Moon is a pretty entertaining film that revels in its eccentric humor. With a witty script and pacing that keeps things rolling quickly, this film proudly plays […]

Review: ‘MaXXXine’ Emboldens An Unstoppable Final Girl Through Hollywood Stardom

MaXXXine Review Ti West’s MaXXXine moves away from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-inspired grit and into an ‘80s horror-thriller driven by its Law & Order undertones. As an experimenter who likes integrating new styles, West has been able to invigorate the X franchise with new life all while improving his own […]