‘Heartbreak High’ Season 2 Interview with Asher Yasbincek: “Harper holds such an important space in my heart. She totally owns a piece of me”

Asher Yasbincek. Photo by: Marija IvkovicNetflix’s Australian teen drama series Heartbreak High returned with its second season on April 11th after having its series debut in September 2022. The Netflix series is a reboot of the popular 90s show which ran from 1994-1999. Audiences are now introduced to a new […]

Netflix Announces Heartstopper Season 3 Date & Releases First Clip Featuring Billie Eilish Music

Heartstopper fans received some great news today. Netflix announced that Heartstopper season 3 will premiere October 3rd and dropped a short clip from the upcoming season (below). The clip features Billie Eilish’s “Birds of a Feather” from her upcoming album Hit Me Hard and Soft, due out May 17th. Season […]