Funko Celebrates Star Wars With Boba Fett Pop! & Empire State Photo Op

In celebration of Imperial March, Funko has re-released its 18″ Star Wars Funko Pop! Mega Boba Fett (MSRP: $100), now available with a new all-white prototype armor variant exclusively at While supplies last, and as a special, one-time-only offering, customers will have a 1 in 6 chance to find the chase of Pop! Mega Proto […]

6 Nun Themed Horror Movies to Watch After ‘Immaculate’

6 Nun Themed Horror Movies to Watch After ImmaculateSydney Sweeney is shaping herself into a new age scream queen and her latest horror flick Immaculate is proving she has sustainability in the genre. Released in theaters on March 22, Sweeney stars in the Andrew Lobel written and Michael Mohan directed […]