Interview: Sara Worpole Talks Acting, Modeling & Cobra Kai

We caught up with actress, model and film editor Sara Worpole who recently did some work on season 4 of Cobra Kai on Netflix. Sara shares with us how she got the opportunity to work on Cobra Kai and wearing many hats in the entertainment world. Check out our conversation […]

8 Movies to Watch Featuring the Cast of Yellowjackets

Fans of Showtime’s genre-bending series Yellowjackets were ecstatic when it was announced in December that it was renewed for season 2. We don’t however have any idea when we can expect season 2 to drop since production has not yet started. If you’ve already watched season 1 several time and can’t […]

Interview: Chance Dollard Talks Cobra Kai

We chatted with Chance Dollard who has done some extra and background work on Netflix’s Cobra Kai. Check out our conversation below. When did you decide that storytelling was something you wanted to do? Chance Dollard (CD): Storytelling was something that I got into after college when I realized I […]

This Animated Franchise From 2010 Is Dominating Netflix’s Charts

Netflix has a habit of reviving old and canceled programs — look at the newfound success of Manifest, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Lucifer, all of which were canceled by their original networks and brought back to life by the streaming platform. Netflix also has a solid reputation with various […]