Video Interview: D.B. Woodside Talks Season 6 of Lucifer

Actor D.B. Woodside joined us on the Popternative show to talk about the final season 6 of Lucifer on Netflix, dropping September 10, 2021. 24, Buffy, D.B. has had an incredible acting career in television starring in the series The Temptations, Parenthood, Single Ladies, and Suits. In Lucifer, D.B. portrays […]

Video Interview: Aimee Garcia Talks Final Season of Lucifer

We had the pleasure of speaking with actress Aimee Garcia on the Popternative show about all things Lucifer. The final season drops on September 10, 2021 and has a total of 10 episodes. Aimee portays the lovable Ella Lopez, the Los Angeles Police Department’s forensic scientist who often assists Chloe […]