Interview: Nightshifts Talks New Single “Beach” & More

We recently got to speak with music artist Nightshifts, the recording project of Toronto-based songwriter Andrew Oliver. His music blends groovy guitars and drum machines to create soulful and cosmic pop tunes. Nightshifts’ sound can be described as slow-building progressions of phased synthesizers and delay-coated guitars. His latest single, “Beach“ […]

Video Interview: Allen Maldonado Talks Heels on Starz

We had the chance to speak with American actor Allen Maldonado who is currently starring as Rooster Robbins on Starz’s new hit wrestling drama series Heels. In the interview, we talk about the show’s reception, his acting career and much more!Image credit: Cedric Terell HeelsIn Heels, Allen plays a charismatic […]