ElyOtto talks about the global success of “SugarCrash!” & More

Image credit: ely0tto/@InstagramElyOtto on “SugarCrash!” ElyOtto’s hyper-pop song “SugarCrash!” has been a global phenomenon, but even he was surprised when Petey Beats pointed out ElyOtto’s success on Spotify during a recent interview. He never envisioned his music to take off the way it has, “I just did music as a […]

Loretta Walsh Talks When Calls The Heart & More

Photo credit: Noah AsaniasLoretta Walsh on When Calls The Heart Entering its eighth season, Loretta Walsh refers to the series When Calls The Heart as “the gift that keeps on giving for many people, myself included.” Being on a show for eight years, characters are bound to develop interesting arcs, […]