Fresh Music Fridays: Jesse McCartney, Capstan & More

Every Friday, Popternative features new music from a variety of genres to kick off your weekend. To be featured in Fresh Music Fridays, please send an e-mail to This week we are featuring new tunes from Capstan, Jesse McCartney, The Raven Age, and Flight Club. Capstan (Post-hardcore)Post-hardcore band Capstan took advantage of the COVID-19 quarantine and hit […]

Netflix Notes: 5 New Netflix Originals To Binge in August

Netflix is constantly producing and releasing new content, and it’s sometimes overwhelming to sift through it all. If you’re looking for a brand new series to binge in one sitting, here are 5 Netflix originals coming out in August. Hit & Run (August 6)Episode count: 9Genre: Action/ThrillerLanguage: English Synopsis: A […]

Video Interview: Danu Sunth Talks Ragnarok on Netflix

Image credit: NetflixWe recently had the chance to speak with Norwegian actress Danu Sunth on the Popternative show. She is currently starring as Iman Reza in Netflix’s hit original series Ragnarok. Season 2 recently dropped on May 27. We talk about the show’s global reach, her acting career and much […]

Video Interview: McCabe Slye talks Fear Street Trilogy

Image credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images for NetflixWe had the chance to speak with actor McCabe Slye recently on the Popternative show. McCabe plays Tommy Slater and Mad Thomas in the Fear Street trilogy adaptations of the classic R.L. Stine novels now out on Netflix. In the interview (below), we discuss […]

Video Interview: Courtney Nichole talks Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living on BET

Image credit: Russell BaerWe had the chance to chat with actress Courtney Nichole about Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living on BET, which is currently on its second season. Courtney plays the role of Leah, the supportive wife of Jeremy (Na’im Lynn), the patriarch of a young family who decides to move to the backwoods of […]

Video Interview: Julia Antonelli talks Outer Banks Season 2

Image credit: NetflixActress Julia Antonelli returned to the Popternative show to discuss season 2 of Netflix’s hit series Outer Banks which drops on July 30th, 2021. Julia plays Wheezie Cameron – the younger and often nosy sister of Sarah and Rafe Cameron. The Outer Banks season 2 trailer shows John […]